• February 24th Fellowship

    Haley Voges, Education Coordinator with ASU’s Bradbury Art Museum, will discuss the museum, her work, and how we can express different aspects of our identity through art. Discussion time will include an opportunity to create some art/collages and see how starting with the same materials can reveal different sides of...

  • February 17th Fellowship

    Sarah Dyson will explain “How Small Ideas Can Turn Into Big Ideas and Affect More People Than Ever Imagined.” We are all connected through social change. This Sunday is also Potluck Sunday.

  • February 10 Fellowship

    Jeff Chandler will show us how we can participate in God’s or the Universe’s power called Love. Peanut butter to benefit Helping Neighbors Food Pantry will be collected.

  • October 21st Worship Service

    Dr. Rev. Jan Nielsen, Minister of the UU Church of Little Rock since 2015, will be our guest. Rev. Nielsen received her BA from Henderson State University, her JD from U of A, and her MDiv from Harvard Divinity School. Her sermon is entitled “A Song of Peace.”

  • November 2018 Ballot Issues

    Betty Stafford compiled a list of issues we will see on the upcoming ballot. The issues are laid out below. Proposed Constitutional Amendment from the Legislature Note 1—Opponents and supporters that spend money to campaign are required to register with the Arkansas Ethics Commission as a ballot or legislative question Committee—applies...

  • October 14th – Why We Vote

    Betty Stafford will explain “Why We Vote .” Our discussion will be devoted to the five issues that will _or will not_ be on the Arkansas ballot currently before voters. This Sunday is also Peanut Butter Sunday. Please contribute to the needs of our neighbors in need.